2021:      Peer-reviewed technical report:  Snyman, S., Nelson, F., Vorhies, F. & Sumba, D. (2021).  Roadmap for Africa’s Wildlife Economy. African Leadership University, School of Wildlife Conservation, Kigali, Rwanda.

2021: Current Conservation

Snyman, S. (2022).  Unlocking the potential of Africa’s wildlife economy to drive conservation.  Current Conservation, 15.3.

2021:      Peer-reviewed technical report:  Snyman, S., Sumba, D., Vorhies, F., Gitari, E., Enders, C., Ahenkan, A., Pambo, A.F.K., & Bengone, N. (2021). State of the Wildlife Economy in Africa. African Leadership University, School of Wildlife Conservation, Kigali, Rwanda.

2021:         Peer-reviewed book chapter: Snyman, S. (in progress).  The COVID-19 pandemic and nature-based tourism in southern Africa.   In Stone, L., et al.  (in Progress)Protected Areas and Tourism in Southern Africa: Conservation Goals and Community Livelihoods”, Routledge.

2021:         Peer-reviewed book:  Living on the Edge: Benefit-sharing from Protected Area Tourism, edited by S. Snyman & K. Bricker, Routledge

2020:            BIOPAMA Closing the Gap: sustainable financing in eastern and southern Africa report: concept development and reviewer

2019: BIOPAMA Eastern and Southern Africa State of Protected and Conserved Areas (SoPACA) report 2020: co-lead and author

2019: Journal of Sustainable Tourism

Snyman, S. (2019). African tourism industry employees: expenditure patterns and comparisons with other community members, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 27:6,788-804, DOI: 10.1080/09669582.2017.1408634

2019: Journal of Sustainable Tourism special issue: Living on the Edge: Benefit-sharing from tourism and protected areas (guest editor of the special issue)

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2017:         Editorial for special issue of Tourism and Hospitality Research: Sustainable and inspirational: A decade of progress in protected area tourism. Special issue can be found here.

Spenceley, A. & Snyman, S. (2017). Protected area tourism: Progress, innovation and sustainability.

2017:     Tourism and Hospitality Research: Special issue on Sustainable and inspirational: A decade of progress in protected area tourism

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2016:          University of Cape Town: Research & Innovation 2015-16: Article based on my research: Southern African tourism: the ‘multiplier’ effect.  Download research report here. Article is on page 51.

2016:          Journal of Ecotourism

Snyman, S. (2016). The role of private sector ecotourism in local socio-economic development in southern Africa,  DOI:10.1080/14724049.2016.1226318

2016:         IUCN Supplementary Best Practice Guidelines for communities engaging in tourism and protected areas

Snyman, S. (Lead Editor) – in progress

2016:       Book Chapter in Tourism and poverty reduction: Principles and impacts in developing countries.

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2014:         IUCN WCPA Best Practice Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism

Contributing author to two chapters: Positive impacts of tourism and building capacity, as well case study contributions

2014:         UNDP Tourism Concession Guidelines

Contributed case studies on private sector engagement with rural communities.  Download the guidelines here.

2014:        Journal of Ecotourism

Snyman, S. (2014). Partnership between a private sector ecotourism operator and a local community in the Okavango Delta, Botswana: The case of the Okavango Community Trust and Wilderness Safaris, 13(2-3), 110-127. DOI:10.1080/14724049.2014.980744

2014:         Koedoe: Special issue on Tourism and protected areas: A growing nexus of challenge and opportunity

Snyman, S. (2014). Assessment of the main factors impacting community member’s attitudes towards tourism and protected areas in six southern African countries.  Koedoe., 56(2). DOI:10.4102/koedoe.v56i2.1139.  Download the article here.

2014:         Tourism and Hospitality Research: Special issue on African tourism in global society: central or periphery

Snyman, S. (2014).  The impact of ecotourism employment on rural household incomes and social welfare in six southern African countries, Tourism and Hospitality Research, 14 (1-2, 37-52).

2014:         Cape Argus (local South African newspaper):

Article on Ecotourism efforts needed to provide more than jobs.  Published on 7th November 2014, page 11.

2013:        Development Southern Africa

Snyman, S. (2013). Household spending patterns and flow of ecotourism income into communities around Liwonde National Park, Malawi, Development Southern Africa, 30(4&5), 640-658.

2013:         African Development Report 2012 – Towards Green Growth in Africa.

Contributing author for Chapter Four: Optimal Management of Natural Capital in Africa, section on Sustainable Tourism.  Download the report here.

2012:         Africa Insight Journal

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2012:         Peer-reviewed Book Chapter

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2012:         IUCN Parks Journal: Special edition on Tourism and the Targets of CBD 2012

Snyman, S. (2012), The impact of land management systems on community attitudes towards tourism and conservation in six southern African countries, Parks, 18.2, 20-31.  Download the article here.

2011:         Publication in The Environment magazine, Autumn 2011 Issue 6, of an article entitled: Where does the ecotourism dollar go?

For more information on publications see my page on ResearchGateKhowarib-survey(3)RBC7

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