Reframing Sustainable Tourism – new book

S.F. McCool, K. Bosak (Eds.)

Reframing Sustainable Tourism
Series: Environmental Challenges and Solutions, Vol. 2

Looks into reframing conventional notions of sustainable tourism
▶ Equips readers with frameworks for thinking about how to apply new perspectives to practitioners
▶ Suggests a way forward to effectively help tourism development, to advance opportunities for higher quality visitor experiences and protect our natural and cultural heritage

This book examines the need for a new way of describing sustainable tourism and also
looks at the frameworks needed to rethink how to apply this to communities, private
operators and protected area managers.

It makes it clear that tourism is just one of many human activities that affects host
communities. The work includes informative and provocative case studies with realistic
applications. References included in the book will help graduate students formulate
new hypotheses and suggest literature for them. Tools and techniques useful to tourism
practitioners suggest innovative approaches to marketing, management and community